Artist Challenge 2017

Hey everyone! Here's a post on the artist challenge that I redrew a few weeks ago. I wanted to compare it to the old one that I did last summer because I can see just how much my own style has changed and developed in just under a year. My first go at the artist … Continue reading Artist Challenge 2017


Balancing Art and Work

Hey everyone! So I've been really busy with school and work lately and I've not had the chance to draw at all. However, I've firmed my Uni options now and I've been immersing myself in school work like mad because my first exam is just over a month away. Now I've got some time, I … Continue reading Balancing Art and Work

Art Block

Hey everyone! I've been battling with an unwanted visitor - art block. We all go through some sort of creative block in our lives and it can turn a normally joyful hobby/job into something stressful. I found that I disliked everything I drew for a period of time and became discouraged by this, so I … Continue reading Art Block

Q & A

Hello everyone! As promised on today's Instagram photo, here's a Q&A post for you all. Most of these are questions I often get through my Direct Messages and sometimes comment sections as well (especially about my art materials). Hopefully this post will answer any queries about my art and let you know a little more … Continue reading Q & A