Hyper Japan!!

Hey everyone! I'm super happy to be back again after my hiatus for A-Level exams! This time I'm back to share my amazing experience at Hyper Japan! The event was on from 14th to 16th of July and you could get a 3 day pass - I only went on the Saturday but I had … Continue reading Hyper Japan!!


5k Giveaway

Hey everyone! To celebrate reaching the 5000 follower milestone on Instagram, I've decided to have a giveaway for all my old and new followers. Make sure to check it out on my Instagram account @_mangakat! The prizes are detailed below: 1. 2 Copic Ciaos in the colours YG11 (Mignonette) & R20 (Blush) 2. A Faber-Castell … Continue reading 5k Giveaway

Artist Challenge 2017

Hey everyone! Here's a post on the artist challenge that I redrew a few weeks ago. I wanted to compare it to the old one that I did last summer because I can see just how much my own style has changed and developed in just under a year. My first go at the artist … Continue reading Artist Challenge 2017


Balancing Art and Work

Hey everyone! So I've been really busy with school and work lately and I've not had the chance to draw at all. However, I've firmed my Uni options now and I've been immersing myself in school work like mad because my first exam is just over a month away. Now I've got some time, I … Continue reading Balancing Art and Work


Handmade Stickers Tutorial

Hey everyone! If you've been following my Instagram, you'll have seen some handmade stickers popping up on my feed. There have been a few questions about whether I will sell any (it's a possibility!) and how I made them - it's really very simple! So, here's a little tutorial for you all~ Tools you need: … Continue reading Handmade Stickers Tutorial


Q & A

Hello everyone! As promised on today's Instagram photo, here's a Q&A post for you all. Most of these are questions I often get through my Direct Messages and sometimes comment sections as well (especially about my art materials). Hopefully this post will answer any queries about my art and let you know a little more … Continue reading Q & A


New Beginnings

Hello everyone!  I am back again with new ideas and more artsy inspired posts. Since my absence and delayed posts, I've been trying to see where I want to go with this blog/website and I realised that I would love to mix my art with my other passion; writing.  As an aspiring mangaka, I want … Continue reading New Beginnings