Inktober 2017 Completed

Hey everyone! I can't believe it's November already! Inktober has been so much fun and I've had so much fun following the official prompt this year. I managed to complete every single day and I will put all of them below so you can all check them out - I will likely archive quite a … Continue reading Inktober 2017 Completed


Inktober 2017

Hey lovelies, It's that time of the year again! I can't believe it's already been a year since I first took part in Inktober - time really flies! Last year, I made up my own prompt for Inktober and I actually used a lot of colour in my art too, because that was when I … Continue reading Inktober 2017

How I Colour My Art

Hey lovelies! I get a lot of questions about my art supplies and how I draw etc so I thought I would start writing posts to answer your queries. Today's post is all about how I colour my lineart. When I first started making coloured art, I didn't really have a process or any techniques … Continue reading How I Colour My Art


Pastel Bic Markers Review

Hey everyone! It's been a while again, but I'm back with a passion and more time. If you've been keeping up with my Instagram (@_mangakat), then you'll know that August was an exciting and busy month, especially with A Level result's day and my driving etc. I'm going to be heading off to university in … Continue reading Pastel Bic Markers Review


Art Block

Hey everyone! I've been battling with an unwanted visitor - art block. We all go through some sort of creative block in our lives and it can turn a normally joyful hobby/job into something stressful. I found that I disliked everything I drew for a period of time and became discouraged by this, so I … Continue reading Art Block


My Manga Art Journey

Hey everyone~ Today I'm going to talk about how my art has changed and grown over the years. I get some lovely fan arts and DMs on Instagram saying how my art is really nice and how they wish they could draw at the same level, but I want to remind them that I've been … Continue reading My Manga Art Journey


My Most Used Pen Collection

Hey everyone! Here's the promised pen collection post featuring my most used pens~ I hope you enjoy reading it and that perhaps it will help with those experimenting with new medias and want to try any of these. Markers  Tiger Twin-Tusch Alcohol Markers Copic Ciao Alcohol Markers Faber-Castell Manga Brush Markers The Tiger Twin-Tusch Markers … Continue reading My Most Used Pen Collection