Artist Challenge 2017

Hey everyone!

Here’s a post on the artist challenge that I redrew a few weeks ago. I wanted to compare it to the old one that I did last summer because I can see just how much my own style has changed and developed in just under a year.


Artist Challenge 2016


Artist Challenge 2017

My first go at the artist challenge was very simple and all in pencil as I had not yet started to colour or experiment with different medias. Now, my colouring has really developed and for the 2017 version, I’ve used Copics and watercolours and tried to represent both the artists drawing styles as well as their colouring styles. The most obvious change, I think, is the change in Kat’s character (she now has ears ^v^) but also my own drawing style which looks more smooth and the head and body more in proportion.

I definitely recommend all artists to try this challenge, or just the ‘draw an old art’ challenge as they really help you see how much your style has improved and changed in even the shortest amount of time!

Make sure to check out all the lovely artist’s that I’ve listed on the picture!



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