Art Block

Hey everyone!

I’ve been battling with an unwanted visitor – art block.

We all go through some sort of creative block in our lives and it can turn a normally joyful hobby/job into something stressful. I found that I disliked everything I drew for a period of time and became discouraged by this, so I stopped drawing daily.

While trying to overcome this, I’ve come up with some of my own ways of getting through it and I will add a video by a sweet follower @nephrymdraws on what she believes artblock is and her advice on how to overcome it – make sure to check it out!

Tip 1: Take a break. It’s okay to just step away from your sketchbook for a day or two and immerse yourself in a new book or a day trip etc. Don’t force yourself to draw if you aren’t inspired, take your time and let yourself and your mind recharge with new ideas.

Tip 2: Sketch. Even if you don’t feel up to drawing or making art, just make some rough sketches and doodles in your sketchbook. Fill a page – or several – with pencil or pen sketches. You could even add splashes of colour and experiment with new colour schemes, just remember that you aren’t trying to make perfect art but you are trying to inspire yourself.

Tip 3: Reorganise your art materials. This may or may not help but if you’re like me and you love to keep organised, it could really help. I found that reorganising my markers and washi tapes helped make me think about my art naturally and ideas surfaced in my mind because I was looking at various colours I could use or washi patterns I could incorporate into my art.

Tip 4: Draw something different. Try experimenting with different subjects so if like me, you normally draw manga, try somthing else. I’ve been doing some architectural stuff and the featured image for this post is just a cute little doodle of a cottage. Since then, I’ve tried to make backgrounds for my art!

So those are my little tips, here’s some more from the lovely @nephrymdraws (make sure to check out her Insta and Youtube!)

I hope that this short post helps anyone struggling with art block!








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