My Most Used Pen Collection

Hey everyone! Here’s the promised pen collection post featuring my most used pens~ I hope you enjoy reading it and that perhaps it will help with those experimenting with new medias and want to try any of these.


  1. Tiger Twin-Tusch Alcohol Markers
  2. Copic Ciao Alcohol Markers
  3. Faber-Castell Manga Brush Markers

The Tiger Twin-Tusch Markers consist of a fine tip and a broad tip, the former being really useful for inking smaller details in a piece of work. They come in sets of 3 for about £2 a pack which is a super good deal for the great quality. However, there are limited colours at 18 different shades, of which I have 6 so I normally use these for doodles or when I can match them with other marker colours. A side note would be that some of the colours come out brighter than the pen lid suggests but I make colour testers for my pens so I know which shades I want to use~

I won’t write much about the Copic Ciaos as I already have an entire post dedicated to my large collection, which you can check out here. They are my most used pens and I love the amount of hues available for inking my drawings. The Ciaos have less colours than the original and sketch markers but having 100/180 shades, I think it’s a satisfying amount for my artist needs.

The Faber-Castell markers were the first pens I used for inking my art and admittedly I was terrible at using them effectively. However, these brush pens have a really nice nib and the ink doesn’t leak through the pages of my sketchbook as they aren’t alcohol based. This does mean that streaks do show up more obviously than alcohol markers but with good practice and technique, the colours come out very smoothly. There’s a fair variety of shades (I’m not sure the definitive number of brush pens in this brand but I have 24 individual colours.)

White Detail Pens:

  1. White Sakura Gelly Roll 08
  2. Pilot White Gel Pen
  3. Uni-Ball Signo White Pigment Ink



Whenever I draw my manga characters, I use white pens to add little details.

The Gelly Roll pen comes up really white against darker and lighter colours so I usually use these for the light spots in my character’s eyes.

The Pilot gel pen is the most thin lined and smooth and I can layer it to make the colour more vivid so I use it for adding little sparkles and stars to my character’s hair and outfits.

The Uni-ball pen is a mix between the Gelly Roll and the Pilot pens. The white comes out very bright but you have to make sure if you are drawing over colours, make sure they are dry but avoid using it over alcohol markers as it soaks the ink up a little.

Dovecraft Metallic Markers


The DoveCraft Metallic Markers only feature in my work from time to time but I love these so much. Each colour comes out with a matte metallic pigment and have a shimmer without drowning out all other details and colours in a drawing. There are 5 colours in this set that I have but I believe there are some other sets with a few other options.

Lineart Pens:

  1.  Sakura Micron Black 01, 02, 04, 08
  2. Copic MultiLiner 0.3mm
  3. Faber-Castell F, S, M


Like the Copics, check out my separate post on the Sakura Micron pens here!

The Copic Multiliner draws really smoothly and I also use this to add little details to outfits, such as ruffles, patterns etc. It’s reasonably priced for it’s quality and I think it would be a great liner for anyone interested in investing a little more into their art.

As for the Faber-Castell F (fine), S (small) and M (medium), these are my first set of liners and I love the various sizes available and the durability of even the finest nib.

That’s all my most used pens and markers ~ I hope you found it useful and if you have any questions or even your own recommendations, leave me a comment or send me a DM on Instagram!



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