Quick Drawing Process

Hello everyone~

I’m so sorry I did not post last week but I was busy revising for my A Level mock exams – they are over now so here’s a new post for you all! Some of you have expressed interest in my drawing process so I’ve attempted to do a quick tutorial of a doodle that turned into a small drawing.

1. Sketch

I normally sketch rough outlines and various facial features/accessories in a HB pencil to begin with. It’s rare that I would jump right in with pen as I can’t alter mistakes so unless I am doodling I stick to my trusty pencil. Pencil art is the starting point of my art as I used to only draw in pencil aha~


2. Lineart

Next, I go over the pencil sketch in a thin liner (here, I am using a black Sakura Micron 0.25mm). For some sections, like the eyes, I deliberately use slow strokes to make sure I don’t ruin small details but for bigger parts, quick, smooth strokes of the pen are better suited, otherwise I end up with slightly wobbly lines.


3. Erasing

Simple step, just erase all the pencil lines so you’re left with your outlined piece. This will be a good time to spot any gaps in your lineart and fill them in.


4. Colour Skin (Base and Shade)

This is when the colouring starts. I often start with the skin’s base colour and then add shading with a second tone. (Base: E50 Shade: E00). It’s a little difficult to see the shading due to the lighting though!


5. Hair and Eyes

Pick out hues for eyes and hair. As you can tell my blending still isn’t perfect but it’s coming on nicely, I don’t have much to advise other than to practice and use colours that are quite similar hues but with slightly varying tones to create a gradient. (Hair: E11, E43, E95 – Eyes: G000, YG11, Y11).


6. Clothes & Accessories

Add colour to the outfit and accessories. The skirt of the dress is pink in reality but the lighting/camera makes it look almost like her skin… ( Dress: R00 and V91 – Shade: C-1)


7. Details

Lastly, add all the little details to complete the drawing. I always use my favourite Pilot white gel pen to add the little light flecks in my characters eyes but it’s barely noticeable with the light green eyes. Sometimes, I add black to the top of the eye just to contrast the white light but I’ll leave it for this piece. Also added little frills and buttons to her dress. Of course I had to doodle some plain roses in the back just to fill up the background a little!


There you are, a simple tutorial on my art process – I hope it gave you all a little insight into how my art develops from the first stage to the last. Various pieces take longer or shorter depending on size and overall design. This was a quick and small sketch for me to log my art process for you all.



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