Copic Ciao Collection

Hey everyone! I hope your new year has been off to a good start and that 2017 brings many happy memories and successes!

Quite a few Instagram users have asked what I use to colour my art and I thought it would be nice to share one of my favourite pens; Copic Ciao markers! I will make another post later on about other colouring tools I love using but I think my largest marker collection, at around 90 colours (not including duplicates) and most used pens, deserve a post dedicated to them.

I’ve been interested in Copics since I started getting serious about sharing my art on Instagram but I didn’t invest in any until around late September of 2016. I bought a pack of 5 and I was impressed with them from the start.

The colours came out nicely pigmented and matched its lid’s colours very closely which I appreciate. However, it’s how the ink blends nicely together, without leaving obvious stroke marks, that convinced me that these were worth purchasing in the future.

There is also a wide range of colours available (even more if you choose to invest in the Copic Sketch or the original Copic Marker). There are a little less choice in colours in terms of Ciao but I think 180 different shades is a sufficient amount. Essentially, the Ciao is a more economically friendly version of the Sketch!

I was prepared to slowly collect these different colours but my 18th birthday rolled around mid November and my sister surprised me with a set of 72 Copics!! I’ve taken some images of the different colours and another of the 2 different nibs to give you a little idea of the quality of packaging and product.

Of course I tested the colours out individually in my MosseryCo sketchbook!


Extra Colours

The above picture was just too aesthetically pleasing not to share with you all! Those are the extra colours that I purchased myself (and some gifted from a friend too). Most of these are pastel shades, which are super soft but come out really well on paper.

As you can see, the barrel of the pen is round which some people say are less comfortable to hold compared to the Oval Sketch or Square Original markers, but I think it really depends on what you prefer as I find them really pleasant to colour with, without getting hand cramp too! They can be a little pricey but considering that they last a long time with good care AND they are refillable, makes them really worthwhile.

They are really nice to blend with as well, especially the more you practice and the smoother the inks come together. I’ve got a long way to go in terms of perfecting my colouring but I love how much these pens have helped me with that journey in such a short time.


Colour Chart

Overall, I think if you are serious about pursuing your art and willing to spend money to further that cause, then Copics are a good option if you like using markers and/or you want to experiment with all medias.





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