Sakura Micron Pen Review

Hello everyone!

I’m back starting with a review of the Sakura Micron Pens. I will be doing one for my Copics soon, but I need to take some pictures of them and considering how my little collection rapidly expanded on my birthday, I have a few other snaps to take!

So, here’s my little collection;

  • 4 Blacks in size 01, 02, 04 and 08
  • Blue 01
  • Brown 01
  • Green 01
  • Purple 01
  • Red 01


  • 01 –  0.25 mm
  • 02 – 0.3 mm
  • 04 – 0.4 mm
  • 08 – 0.5 mm

There are other sizes as well, so make sure to have a look at which ones you want!


Micron Collection

I’ve seen many of my favourite Instagram artists use these pens but I put of buying them for a while because I was happy with my 0.3 mm Copic Multiliner. However, after some research and recommendations, I decided I’d give them ago, especially as I found them for a really good price on Amazon – they arrived really quickly too despite being shipped from the US!

The quality of these pens are incredible and well worth their price. The ink is pigmented and runs smoothly on paper, even the smallest nib I have ( I believe 005 is the smallest in the sizes available though). They are great for line art and fine details. However, you should be careful of damaging them, as I was made aware that many people have been disappointed by split nibs and blotchy ink, especially the thinner nibs as they are more fragile.


Colour  Tester

Considering that they also offer brush nibs too, I would imagine that you could do a lot more with them, but as I have only have a few sizes and I only use them for lining my work, I can’t give you a useful review of further purposes.



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