New Beginnings

Hello everyone! 

I am back again with new ideas and more artsy inspired posts. Since my absence and delayed posts, I’ve been trying to see where I want to go with this blog/website and I realised that I would love to mix my art with my other passion; writing. 

As an aspiring mangaka, I want to share my stories through my art and my story lines (thought I haven’t gotten to the point of sharing any of my little works aha). This website will give me a little starting point, I can write about my art, my creative processes and materials etc. I hope to inspire/help others in their creative journeys as I make my way through mine. It is more structured rather than the random posts I have written simply because I felt like it…

I hope to post on a weekly basis rather than daily as I am juggling A levels, work and my art. With the support of my family, friends and fans, I aspire to be succeed as I know I can. 

To those close to me and who know how  difficult these past few months have been thank you all for sticking by me and to those who don’t know but have still been angels, I am grateful to you all. 

Good night!



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