Inktober (Complete)

Happy Halloween all!

I can’t believe I’ve completed every single day of Inktober! It has been a comforting outlet amidst all the stresses of life and I’m so glad that my sweet instagram friends encourage me to partake in this amazing month of doodles and illustrations.

You can probably tell when there were days when I didn’t have much time to draw (many of the days actually) but I tried my best with time and I’m happy with the results.

Seeing as I didn’t stick to a premade list of themes, I’ll list my randomised one down below.

1. ? (because I had no idea what I was doing to begin with haha~)

2. Hugs

3. Kitty Ears

4. Floral

5. Tea

6. Starry Sky

7. Schoolgirl

8. Bunny

9.Red Roses

10. Bubbegum

11. Wings

12.Dripping Mascara (in love with this story)

13. Sleepy

14. Demoness

15. Fallen angel

16. Mermaid

17. Lollipop

18. Winter

19. Maid

20. Molang & Me

21. Cold

22. Tears

23. Yandere

24. Blush

25. Pigtails

26. Fairy

27. Ghosts

28. Vampy

29. Pumpkin Carving

30. Candy Shopping

31. Trick or Treat!

So there we have it, my random list of Inktober themes. I look forward to Inktober 2017!

Much love,



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