Hello everyone,

It’s already a good few days into October and if you’ve been checking up on my Instagram, you’ll notice that I am taking part in Inktober! I’ve managed everyday so far which I am proud of (although it has only been 6 days haha).

Some people have a list that specifies what theme they draw for each day but seeing as it was my first attempt, I decided to choose my own themes – a little free for all depending on what I feel like drawing each day.

Admittedly I was reluctant to participate as, if I start something challenging, I want to see it through all the way but with school, work and other personal issues, it didn’t look as if I had much time for a grunted drawing everyday. However, it’s turned out to be a great as I’ve just continued to draw in my little breaks between my studies. It helps release my stresses in the form of ink on paper. It’s wonderful really! So thank you to the people who convinced me to join in!

Inktober itself is just such an amazing way to get all artists alike to interact through a fun and creative challenge. I’ve seen so many different art styles and ideas over the past few days just by perusing through my news feed.

Hopefully I’ll be able to complete all 31 days – good luck to all those trying as well!



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