Art Memories

This is a little off topic from my usual manga style art but here’s a page from my old GCSE art sketchbook.

Yes, I used to do GCSE art and the first year was terribly difficult and I believed I would fail art. It stressed me out and I had no idea what to do but come year 11, I had a new art teacher who made every lesson so worthwhile. She really helped me see why I chose art in the first place. I ended up passing my art GCSE with flying colours!

However, I did not choose to continue with art at A Level – I could not risk the possibility of year 10 repeating at this crucial stage, seeing as I was moving to a new school.

I don’t mind not doing art at A Level as I can still continue to draw outside of school and with no restrictions but I do miss it.

So as a tribute to my GCSE art days, here’s one of my favourite artist history pages in my sketchbook. I was really proud of my first pointillism piece!



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