Bubble Tea

Before I go onto my main post, I’m going to write a little… prologue?

I live in a small town (or is it a small city if we have a university?) and it’s quaint but lacking in stores – or at least ones my friends and I would visit frequently. I’m a huge book nerd, stationery addict and arts fanatic, so book or craft stores are right up my alley. However, we are limited to WHSmith, Waterstones and the Works (which are great don’t get me wrong).

Moving on, there’s one other thing I love to buy and that’s BUBBLE TEA (And every other food favourite of mine haha)!

Bubble tea, or boba, has been a long time love of mine *heart eyes*. I can remember my sister treating me to my first ever mango, green tea, ChaTime London bubble tea when I was little. I can also remember how my friends didn’t like the ‘bubbles’ when I first introduced it to them. Now it’s almost as popular as Starbucks!

With such an intense love for this asian beverage, you can imagine my joy when a cute, little, asian desserts and drinks café opened in our town.

The little manga comic strip I’ve attached, represents the time my friend and I dropped by the café, in late 2015. It was closed. Yes we were sad but…

…not as sad as when the café closed for good last month.

Now we have to venture a little further for our beloved bubble tea but it’s worth it!



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